Marco D’Angelo has been a professional sports handicapper and bettor since 1980. Marco moved to Las Vegas in 2008. During the 2010 Baseball Season Marco made handicapping history when he won a documented 25 Baseball Games in a row. What was even more impressive was the fact that he never laid more than -120 in any of the 25 plays. The 25 game winning streak, was documented by the Sports Monitor of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Marco is a 2 Time winner of Preferred Picks Wise Guy Football Contest.  Follow Marco on twitter: @MarcoInVegas

Tony "Fish" Finn has been advising clients for over two decades and after nearly 22 years he continues to lead a group of both North American and World Sports specialists covering games and or matches from coast to coast. His team of consultants and sources form a global web are unmatched in World Wide events.

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Preston has been using analytics, game theory, and his Master's Degree in Sport Psychology to profit from betting football and basketball for several years. He's made multiple appearances on ESPN1100 and other radio shows throughout the nation to discuss his expertise. High-volume bettor. Sound practitioner of bankroll management. CEO Playbook Rewards.

Bryan Leonard has been a Professional Handicapper since 1984, and has built his business on honesty and customer satisfaction, two traits not easily found in today's gambling climate. He has won numerous Number One documented finishes in Basketball, Baseball and Football Handicapping in his 30+ years in the industry. In the past Bryan has published The Roundball Report Basketball Newsletter, and The Pigskin Report Football Newsletter. Bryan has also been a featured writer for Insider Football Magazine and Grantland on

Brian James got started handicapping sports in the mid 70's, making his selections available to the public in the early 80's. After several years of handicapping for other sports services, Brian opened Executive Sportsline in 1984. Brian’s signature plays are his 600% Plays and because of the success of these 600% Plays they soon became some of the most sought after plays in the industry.

The Founder and CEO of Who2beton has been hammering books for the better part of a decade and couldn't be more pleased to be part of the WagerTalk team. The NFL Expert consistently throws down big money NFL seasons and was the Who2beton MLB profits leader for two of the past three seasons. While he has developed his reputation from National League Football profits, The Prez and his team of experts successfully cover NCAAF, NCAAB, MLB, NBA and the NHL. Join The Prez' winning team today.

John Marks under the handle of NoJokeNHL has been providing “insightful and profitable” selections on 
NHL games for the past 4 seasons on Twitter. Before NoJokeNHL hit Twitter John was a regular poster of 
Dave Tuley’s forums. John has developed a tremendous following on the merit of 
his insight and selections and has been published on several sports betting blogs and websites. 

     I have been betting sports successfully for over 20 years.  I use various math models to identify where the oddsmakers have made a mistake when setting the line.  My handicapping style is betting small favorites and underdogs.  I am currently taking online courses in probability and analytics to continuously find ways to increase my edge when it comes to betting games.  For updates and other general information regarding gambling follow me on Twitter.


Oskeim Sports provides unmatched profitability and return on investment on behalf of its clients, and has consistently outperformed the investment industry since 2007.

In 2014, Oskeim Sports finished as the #1 Ranked Sports Handicapping Service in the nation at Handicapper’s Watchdog with a documented record of 190-122 (61%). Oskeim Sports also finished 2014 as the #1 Ranked NFL Handicapping Service in the industry at Handicapper’s Watchdog with a record of 58-33 (63.7%).

Background: Based in New York City, Winafy was founded with the mission of leveraging
technology, data and predictive algorithms to provide bettors with a winning edge. After 8 straight profitable years, and 
beating the closing line nearly 70% of the time, Winafy exposed its modeling advantage to
the public in 2014 with the launch of the Winafy Tennis Advisory. 

Steve Merril is considered one of the best sports analysts in the nation. He credits his success to employing a variety of different handicapping techniques such as statistical analysis, trends and systems, and fundamentals such as matchups and emotion. By relying on numerous handicapping methods, Steve continues to beat the pointspread on a consistent basis in both college and pro football, basketball, and baseball.

Based in San Francisco, TrueOdds betting system was developed by team behind Onside Sports ( the leading mobile APP for sports bettors available on iOS and Android.  The mission at Onside Sports is to use the sports data and mobile technology to help provide world class information for sports bettors.  The individuals behind the TrueOdds data models have experience in applied mathematics, physics, computer science, finance and attended Stanford Business School and Amherst college. 

What is Vegas Synergy? It’s the interaction of elements, that when combined, produce a complete product that is greater than the sum of its individual parts. When a group combines vast resources that specialize in evolving opportunities in the sports wagering market, the end result is... Vegas Synergy...